Mastery-Based, Blended Learning

Students learn in a personalized, mastery-based, blended learning environment where they progress independently through their studies with the teacher being their guide. This allows more one-on-one attention from the teacher in subjects where additional help is necessary. Students utilize a robust online learning platform component. Blended learning combines independent technology-driven learning activities with teacher-led instruction to maximize a personalized learning experience.

Mastery-Based Learning is an instructional strategy, as well as an educational philosophy, that maintains that students must achieve a certain level of mastery prior to moving forward to learn subsequent information. If students do not demonstrate mastery at the testing stage, they are given additional support in learning and reviewing the material until a certain level of mastery has been attained. This cycle continues until the learner accomplishes mastery and then the student may move on to the next unit of information.

This gives the opportunity for students to take ownership of learning and monitor their own progress to create personal accountability and a sense of accomplishment.


Since we offer a self-directed program, many of our dedicated students graduate in 3 years or less. Enter the number of high school credits you have earned so far to see how quickly you could graduate. 

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