iSchool High:
Entrepreneurial Academy

iSchool High, committed to the individual success of each student, is a public high school system designed to provide diverse opportunities and challenges. Authentic learning demands that students connect what they learn with their real world. This approach results in learning that goes beyond typical education and engages students in life-changing pursuits. Integrating project-based elements into the classroom, and dedicating portions of each day for real-world learning gives iSchool students the most effective opportunity to grow and develop as a young adult.

Located Lewisville, TX

What’s Next?

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  • A built-in coffee shop, Deja Brew, run by current business and marketing students.
  • A business incubator for budding entrepreneurs to flourish, and for outside companies to partner with our school and our students.
  • An A/V Production Studio for doing film, photography, radio, animation, and television media.

Our Education Model

  • Precision-Based, Mastery Learning
  • Self Directed, Blended Learning
  • 90% Content Mastery

What You Get

We’re challenging the status quo for High School education. Our school is a one-of-a-kind education experience for a unique class of students. We offer a modern approach to a high school education that prepares students for successful careers, especially as Entrepreneurs. With career-focused electives, collegiate level dual-credit offerings, and opportunities for real-world application through internships and in-house businesses.